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Feeling Nostalgic

Listening to Best of Car Talk trying to remember when i haven’t had a Saturday morning without Tom & Ray. Its hard to think of a Saturday without them. It’s pretty amazing how a car show has touched so many lives. Just wanted to send out heartfelt thanks for making our lives richer and happier!


You’ll get used to it. It’s been that way around here for several years and the other radio programs such as home improvement, gardening, money talk, etc. have equally gone down the tubes. None of them are worth listening to anymore. So it’s reading, music, yard work, or maintenance. I chalk it up to the massive consolidation of the media to 5 or 6 mega-owners of all the media channels including TV, radio, and newspapers. Terrible terrible decision some years ago to allow the free media to be taken over. Now they’re just pundits and the programs are just infomercials masquerading as real programs. Money talk in particular.

That’s why I listen to podcasts. There are so many, and some are absolutely terrific. While they have nothing to do with cars, I personally enjoyed “12 Byzantine Rulers” and “Norman Centuries” by Lars Brownworth. You can find them free on the internet.

How do you sit by the computer and listen to podcasts? I just can’t do it.

I stream them on my phone and listen to them while I mow the grass

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I download them into an Ipod and listen at the gym, and I stream them from a computer or phone into a good radio I have in my garage, and listen while I’m messing around there. In newer cars you can connect your phone to the stereo and play them back while you drive.

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I know exactly how you feel. CarTalk has been a huge part of my morning for 20 years. I own every archived episode and I listen to them in the car. I told my wife yesterday that “happiness is finding a CT episode that you can’t recall having ever heard before” but that has been loaded on my iPhone. Could be just my memory fading…lol. Like me, I’m sure you can recount all the hilarious family stories and bizarre callers. Tom’s stories of Sgt McNeely and basic training were memorable. The “In Memoriam” they did on Tom was perfect. I think it was exactly what he would have wanted, no doubt. I told me wife about a week ago that, when its all said and done and my life is over probably one of my greatest regrets is not having met Tom and Ray in person. She laughed. She was expecting something a bit more profound.

That is beyond sad.

Well, its actually very positive. I don’t harbor grudges, I follow my dreams, I haven’t sacrificed my family to spend more time at work, and the people I love know how much I love them. If I am never able to meet Ray, well then, so be it, but its a pretty minor regret, I’d think. Still, it would be pretty cool…:slight_smile:

I dunno, sometimes its better just to have the item on the bucket list than to actually realize it. That old car you still wish you had but maybe wouldn’t want it if it actually happened. That one that just didn’t pan out and got away but would have been a huge mistake, and so on. That job that seemed so ideal at the time but would have put you in the middle of no where. I don’t have a bucket list but just a few things on my mind that I wanted to do. One was I always wanted to go to a Bob Dylan concert since the 60’s. We finally did it a couple years ago. I don’t know, $150 tickets or something? None of the old tunes, didn’t say a word to the audience, couldn’t understand a thing he said, and everyone stood up through the whole concert so you couldn’t see a thing. Big waste. Would have been better to just have it in my mind in anticipation than actually fulfill it.


Your comment reminds me of something HD Thoreau said, can’t find a link, but it goes something like “I can’t explain it, but for some reason I’ve been blessed to not care about things other men worry endlessly about.”

Hmmm. After four hours of plumbing in the ceiling, I hopped in the car to get something to eat and happened to have public radio tuned in. Lo and behold it was the brothers on. Didn’t catch too much of it but it was the guy with the horn blowing at night. They said it was the relay but I suspect its the ring in the steering wheel. Maybe he’ll let us know.