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Happy Turkey day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,May all your cars be trouble free for the weekend.


You might want to edit your heading.


@VOLVO_V70 Thanks for catching that.

May all us turkeys be pardoned for our transgressions…
Happy thanksgiving everyone.

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A lousy T-day here. The wife just came home from the hospital yesterday after 3 weeks plus so I’m the cook…and I hate to cook. And I’m not good at it. And some of the kids are on the way…

Last night the crap roads here broke a rear shock which then got into the sidewall of the right rear tire which gave up just as I pulled in the drive. So new shocks and rear tires are on the to-do menu also along with a workaround on the mildly damaged rear lower control arm…

On top of that my seriously messed up spine is giving me all kinds of fits so it’s going to be a heating pad and a few Oxycodones washed down by cold Moosehead to get through the day…

So what next…

I’m truly sorry to hear that. Have the best day you can in spite of the difficulties.
Sincere best,

I wish you all a nice Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for. I have good physical health. Mentally, I still have all my marbles although they roll rather slowly. I dreaded retirement five years ago wondering what I would do, but I am so busy that I am looking for a job so I can retire from retirement.

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LOL, I love retirement. I don’t know how I got all this stuff done when I was working!
My health is shot, my money’s tight, and my marbles… well, many have rolled away. But I woke up this morning and discovered I was still alive, so I’m doin’ great! :grin:

Happy Thanksgiving to all Car Talk forum participants!!!

Aerial footage has gone viral of a massive traffic jam, captured during the great Thanksgiving getaway in southern California.

A news helicopter filmed the miles-long gridlock on the 405 motorway in the Los Angeles area on Tuesday.

“It’s called the 405 for a reason: It takes you ‘4 o’ 5’ hours to get anywhere,” one Facebook user quipped.

Almost 49 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles for Thursday’s turkey feast holiday.
That’s a million more than last year, and the most since 2007, according to the American Automobile Association.

Even in retirement, I don’t sit down during the day–except for a few moments here and there, at the computer. The rest of the time, I am either working on a home project, or taking a power-walk, or cooking for friends who are still working, or taking care of my Labrador Retriever. How I managed to get everything done when I was working is…a mystery to me.

Mine wasn’t exactly great either, but–in balance–I would gladly keep my day, rather than swapping it for yours!
A couple of weeks ago, my oldest friend–who has always been at my Thanksgiving table–went off the deep end mentally, and was among the missing.
Okay…not too bad in regard to the gathering…or so I thought.

Then, my SO–who is a nurse–was told, “You must work on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday–or else”.
Okay, at least there are still a few others who can be at my table…or so I thought.

My nephew–who works in the retail sector in addition to his writing gigs–was told, “Work on Thanksgiving…or else…”. Oh well, at least my brother and SIL will still be here. Or so I thought…

Last week, my SIL went to a Natural Healing Seminar in Massachusetts, and came home as sick as the proverbial dog, with a severe sinus infection and laryngitis.
Clearly, she would not be able to attend. My brother offered to come anyway, but I told him to stay home and care for his very ill wife.

So, my dog and I will be sharing an obscenely expensive organic, free-range turkey that I reserved a few weeks ago, and the day has been…gloomy…because of the unusual vacancies.
Normally, there would have been a congenial crowd enjoying wine, cheese, nuts, dips, etc, before I served dinner, but this year, it was…just not to be…
However, all-in-all, I think got the better end of the bargain than ok4450 did, and I hope that things improve for him, his wife, and his Lincoln.

Edited to add:
The turkey is REALLY good, but I would still have preferred to have had my usual company at the table.

Fine turkey day here great food, just got home after a 2 hour drive (car related point), covered the basics, politics and religion and was suggested as a moderator after I said I have boxing gloves in the car. A couple was there, retired teachers, interesting thought they spoke, have been retired longer than they worked, still getting pension but no Social Security. Best wishes for all.

Used over 1/2 tank of gas vs usual 1/4, 10 months to go on the lease, gdi optima no worries.

Sorry for your troubles… I hope the day goes better than you thought, your wife recovers quickly and the back starts feeling better ASAP!

Oh, and I didn’t drive anywhere (car comment) for Thanksgiving, Family came to my house for deep fried turkey.

Thanks for the well wishes. T-day turned out to be a bit ragged around here so to speak but all in all I guess it could have been worse. Somehow… :wink:

Some relatives who essentially gave us the driveshaftshaft recently . . . multiple times and in different ways this year, I might add, although they’re incapable of seeing it that way . . . invited us over for thanksgiving

Out of respect, we went over there. Only about 10 miles away, but in such a location, that taking the freeways didn’t make sense. Took over 30 minutes to get there.

Thankfully, they didn’t mention any of the dreaded incidents. If they had, I would have spoken my mind. But I kept my mouth shut, smiled at everything that was said, etc. All in all, it was a pleasant enough time

I figured it was better to go, versus viewed as holding a grudge. Even though I have no intention of ever forgiving them, in my mind, at least, I chose to maintain outward appearances. You could say I treated them much better than they treated me, when I got the driveshaft

One pleasant thing came out of this whole thing, though . . . a guy who married into that family was there, and I have always felt he was a good man. He always struck me as a decent guy, who was just trying to do the right thing, and find his place. Anyways, he and the wife have moved out of state, and he has finally found himself a good job, with a company that seems to be treating him well. To be clear, he never did me any wrong, rather, he himself was the victim of this family’s scheming, but he rose above it. He’s pulling himself up by his bootstraps, so to speak. Good for him!

To keep this car-related, he mentioned he got a very good deal on a used Dodge Dart with 30k miles. It was an ex-rental, and he essentially got it for chump change. I’m not sure if I would exactly recommend buying that car, but he got it for a very low price, so looking at it like that, he might do okay. He’s very happy with it, in any case. I told him I was glad that he got it for such a good price.

The head of the household, one of the grand schemers, said that he had a bead on a used Dodge truck, with very low miles, for a good price, from one of his colleagues. No mention at all of the fact that he had basically cut me out of the loop earlier this year, when he pretty much let his own truck at the time go for chump change to a stranger, without offering it to me first, even though I’d worked on the truck often in the past, saving his bacon every time. I’d even mentioned what a great truck it was. The guy knew I liked the truck.

On the other hand, I never forget people who treat me right.

Several years ago, an acquaintance was preparing to get a new car, and let me have first dibs on his used car. The dealer was prepared to give him x amount for the car, but he said if I want it, I can have it for the same amount. It was a somewhat unusual and desirable car, to certain individuals, anyways. We met, I check out the car, drove it, and decided I didn’t want it, because it had really deteriorated. I thanked him for giving me the opportunity, in any case. He said it was no big deal, and he just wanted to give me a chance.

Boy, that was a really lengthy post, but at least I did mention thanksgiving day and cars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Best wishes for all

I am thankful that at my age, I am still useful. I am going to finish a job of retrofitting LED bulbs in fluorescent fixtures at the small church I attend. The old style T12 four foot tubes are no longer manufactured. I have rewired 23 of the fixtures and have just 4 more to go. There are 4 tubes in each fixture. The ballast coils are removed and the contacts on one end are rewired. I got into doing this job thanks to the kindness of a foreman of an electrical crew that was installing new LED lights in the gymnasium at the university where I used to work. My wife and I had gone over to the gym to do our daily 3 mile walk because it was raining and we didn’t want to walk outdoors. At any rate, I was talking to the foreman of the crew and he told me that the university was getting a big incentive rebate from the power company to convert to LED lighting. I asked him if churches could get the same rebate. He was sure they could and went out in the rain to his truck to get the information for me. His kindness resulted in the power company giving us $6 a tube for each fluorescent tube that is replaced with an LED tube. I was able to buy LED tubes for $6.99 each. It is only costing about $108 to relamp the entire area. I am thankful for my good health at 75 and for people who go the second mile to help others. I like this board because of all of you who jump in to help people with automotive problems.

My vehicles were trouble free, but my air compressor was acting up. It wouldn’t build up any pressure. I looked and looked for what was wrong, only to discover I’d removed the tire filler gadget which I normally leave on the end of the air hose. The reason it woulnd’t build any pressure, it was just pumping air in and then right back out … lol …

I used to cook pretty good, meal delayed, Prime rib 115 degrees says the internet, 120 for a little more, it moos, (live cow noise) cooking more, getting ready for thanksgiving 2, tomorrow, neat pie idea, mince meat on the bottom, pumpkin on the top, 6 hours of cooking and prepping, shrimp, cocktail sauce, smoked salmon, cream cheese, all gluten free for moms 90 birthday, wifey ate the cliff bars that was the birthday present, oh well at least @GeorgeSanJose you got to play with real tools, hand blender with beater bars for whipped cream as close as I got. :ghost:

If you ever want to make great hash browns. old baked taters grated with finely chopped onions salt, pepper fried in browned butter is the best!

Gadget-is that anything like an attachment ?


To OK and VDC and anyone else with troubles, I hope that you had a few bright spots this holiday weekend.

We are wrapping up our visit with our son, daughter in law and super cute grandson. On the way out on Wednesday night on the PA turnpike, as we approached the dreaded Breezewood exit heading east, we were looking at live traffic on Waze, our son in DE was looking on google maps texting my wife updates. In a few minutes the traffic at Breezewood went from congested to horrible backups, several hours - think CA 405 except only 2 lanes. If you have ever been at this exit on a holiday you know what I mean. Our fall back was to get off @ Bedford and take 30 east to 70. What an easy detour that was. At points we could see the pike and the exit jammed with stationary brake lights. We got to the I70 on ramp with only one truck ahead of us. An additional 15 minute detour saved us several hours of sitting. (sorta car related) No such detour on the way back though.

Safe travels to everyone who is on the road.