Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s time to take a moment from cars and love our families and friends. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, take the opportunity to love your family and friends anyway. Nothing is more important. Absolutely nothing.

Merry Christmas,

Merry Christmas to all!

Absolutely nothing…

Merry Christmas to all, and happy Hanukkah happy holidays etc. to everyone.

Great pot. Merry Christmas to all. I guess this is our second family.

@galant Great pot? not here not that I care, Hippy Christmas! Second family for sure, as far as other hangouts, less boards that I post to than the number of fingers and thumbs on one hand.

Merry Christmas and best wishes to all.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, safe travels to all

New to this site I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas & a happy new year

Just to maintain the automotive theme in this Christmas greetings thread, I offer the following:

Happy Holidays to all!

For those who missed it, from Car Talk:
Ray and the Motorin’ Tabernacle Choir Present The 12 Days of Recalls

Now that all the gifting is done, I want to wish all of you a merry Christmas and happy Chanukah, too. My youngest daughter is dating a Jewish man, and I want to include everyone in the extended family. The best gift of all is spending time this morning with the family: oldest daughter and her husband, middle daughter and her fiancé, youngest and her beau, my wife, and her boss (Her Majesty the Dog). My sister and her wife are coming over for dinner around noon. It just gets better. I hope you guys can spend time with your loved ones, even if it is by phone or Skype. We will do that later with my wife’s brother and his family.

Yes a very merry Christmas to everyone here. Now not to show my age but anyone else sick and tired of burl Ives and holly jolly Christmas, and the stupid 12 days too?

“anyone else sick and tired of burl Ives and holly jolly Christmas?”

I’ve been sick of that song since…probably…1975 or so, but the one that really makes me cringe is Grandma Was Run Over By a Reindeer. I immediately change the station if that moronic song is played.

The donkey song is the one that makes me change the station…

Was that a Ford truck . . . an early F100, maybe . . .?

I believe that it was.

Merry Christmas, hope everyone had a great one!

Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, happy Kwanzaa. As a cheapskate, I celebrate “Festivus”, you know, the holiday for the rest of us. . . Gotta go now, time for the “Feats of Strength”

Merry Christmas all and I hope you got what you wanted. Take my advice. Whatever you get act happy about it. I opened my present and it was a,new fill valve for the toilet. “It’s a genuine Fluidmaster”, I said acting delighted. You learn to do this after 35 years of marriage. " Why don’t you try it and see if it works?". Mrs. Triedaq replied. I can report that my Christmas present was installed this afternoon and it works perfectly.