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H1 powercells

These things are suppose to increase gas mileage, decrease exhause fumes and in general convert any car into a hybred. Has anyone tried one of these and what were your results. Are they as good as they sound?

Scam. And you smell like a scammer. More HHO nonsense.

Can’t say it better. SCAM IT IS.

how did you determine that this is a scam? Have you researched or tried the product?

could u print the materials that you used to come to this decision?

The OP is required to provide the “reasearch” not the other way around.

Those of us who are veterans of this board have seen countless scam products that claim to generate sufficient hydrogen to run an engine. None of these gizmos have proven to be anything other than an elaborate junk-science concept that does not work.

None of us would waste our money on this hokum, but if you feel that it is genuine, then I suggest that you “invest” in one of these units, and then come back to the board to report your results. Or alternatively, you might want to flush your money down the toilet, as it would produce the same results, but with less labor involved.