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H1 power cells

Are these power cells really good for our cars, as advertised? I am not a scammer, but rather a person wanting to help in cleaning up our air by reducing bad emissions from my cars.

For the second time, they, and all the HHO scams like them, are worthless. They use more than 3 times the energy than the mechanical energy they create, so they can’t possibly save gas or improve emissions.

Those who sell them will tell you how great they are.

Those who have bought them are likely too embarrassed to admit how they were suckered.

Save your money. As many told you in your post yesterday, it’s a 100% scam.

Despite the negative responses that you got yesterday, you have decided to ask this question again. What part of “scam” did you not understand?

Read this for more details on how this is nonsense:

thank you for your comments and info. this is what i have been looking for.

just because you call it a scam, doesn’t make it one. show proof of your statements so i can decide on my own

For proof, please refer to the laws of physics.

We have gone over these things many times. Cold Fusion has a better chance of working. At least physics has not yet proven that wrong, but what you are looking is has been proven wrong by applying accepted physics laws.

The conservation of energy law applies.  Since you start with water end end up with water, you can't have a change in energy, at best you come out even.  However to come out even you have to have a process  that does not use any energy, which of course this scam does not have,  It is just another perpetual motion machine, which have been around for over a hundred years and not one has been proven to work.

You will find the best proof by educating yourself. I suggest you first start with a site called where you can learn how the internal combustion engine works. If that doesn’t solve the mystery, you can look for articles where devices such as this have been tested. I believe and Popular Mechanics have both tested these devices and debunked them. Mythbusters (at has probably tested them too. If not, you can write them and ask them to test it.

Exactly. On top of that, an engine only gets about 25-30% mechanical energy out of the fuel it burns (gasoline or hydrogen), so it’s like spending $3 to get less than $1 back. At best!

Wow…Im really surprised at all the so-called experts on here. Personally speaking Bill, I have an H1 POWER CELL in my 05 Jeep Wrangler
which Im pleased to tell you is getting close to 30mpg after installing it over 3 months ago. I have admit I was skeptical too, having been
burned by all the phoney Water4Gas scams and Generators that just didnt work. These guys are legit. They do what they say, they email back and answered all my calls and questions, unlike all the fly by night HHO sites working out of their garges or worse, that litter the net with lies and garbage. By the way Tex talks, I know he has never installed or examined the H1 Power Cell, let alone spoken with any one over there. WORTHLESS? SCAM?
What is truely “Worthless” is anyone who sits on their behind and does nothing. The H1 Guys are trying to make a difference and are, dont listen to these clowns Bill. They give you a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. It sounds to me that the nay-sayers are just jealous that someone else beat them to the punch when it comes to a true affordable hybrid conversion kit. I dont know what kind of flat, narrow minded world these guys live in, but H1 Power Cells, made a difference to me and my family.

Lisa Boersema

p.s. Please check out the Dept Energy Weblink for Hydrogen Cells, if you think its all a farce.

Dear Lisa-
You would have concealed your identity as a scammer much better had you not added that DOE web site. HHO scammers always try to attach themselves to legitimate, but compeletely unrelated, science, often hydrogen fuel cell research, which has NOTHING to do with HHO in general or the H1 cells in particular. Please show us one single example of a legitimate, unbiased test of HHO that indicates positive results. I’ve found none, anywhere. Every unbiased test shows ZERO benefits.