Hydrogen converters

Are hydrogen converters a scam? know anyone whos tried one?

Yes, they are a scam. No, nobody I know has tried one. The people I know are smart. They don’t waste their money on scams.

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What is it you mean by hydrogen converters? If you mean a process by which hydrogen is produced by electrolysis from water and then introduced into the intake manifold to improve fuel economy in your vehicle then check out the thread “water for fuel”. We’ve been talking about it the last couple of days, and there is some good info there. I’ve been trying to find objective evidence in the form of an experiment, but I don’t believe anyone has done one. If there is evidence out there, someone would have mentioned it by now.

Many people have fallen for this scam and bought whatever was being sold. Not one buyer is happily driving around in a hydrogen-powered car, nor is anyone raving about his fuel savings using supplemental hydrogen. I guess no user wants anyone know he was so easily suckered.