Already Assembled Hydrogen Fuel Cells


1. Is this a scam

2. If not, does it work?

3. If it works, does it ruin the engine?


Please use the search engine on ths page to look for other posts of this type. It is a scam, and it will only lighten your wallet.


To save all of us time, use the search and read the numerous discussions on this subject.

To save you money, heed the valuable input that your search uncovers.


A total scam. Pass on this one. Quickly.


why should these people search the forums? If they did, then they’d find out so many other people are trying to chuck this product at us, and wouldn’t be able to get paid for [i]their[/i] advertising.


well honda has a hydrogen car coming on the market. i guess it does work, so much for the na sayers.


there is a big difference between Honda’s hydrogen fueled car and a hydrogen generator that uses water. I think the OP is referring to the water for fuel scam.


Purchase it its magnificent it saves a lot of money in fuel you have no idea how wonderfull it is please go ahead and get one of those today.
i dont understand how anyone owning a car can be whitout one of these water for fuel wonders.


Honda’s hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric car looks NOTHING like your car under the hood. The power system is not even close to similar. The hydrogen is not burned in an internal combustion engine. It is consumed in a fuel-cell to produce electricity to power an electric motor.

These ‘water 4 fuel’ scams prey on the ignorance of the general population to try and scam money from you. Plain and simple.