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Global Energy Devices & Mileage Shop

Has anybody gotten any MPG savings using a HHO cell from Global Energy Devices & Mileage Shop ?

I doubt it, they make JUNK cells, no research behind their design. we get calls once a week from one of their customers complaining, they got no gains. Cell froze and leaked. The owners of these companies do not even install them on their own cars.

These devices have been proven to be scams on a fairly routine basis. But there are still those who buy them anyway.

Even if they were reliable, there would be no advantage; the laws of thermodynamics state that you can’t create energy out of nothing. These things take more energy to produce the hydrogen than the energy in the hydrogen created.

Complete scam.

Over the last ten years, the increase in gains in mileage have not been through major technological break throughs in the mechanics of the internal combustion motor. It has been instead, a direct result of the integration of the computer as a management tool for the entire automobile. . It has in function combined all functions from the sound system to the transmission under one umbrella and now makes decisions to optimize all the functions in ways that prior to now, we’re impossible by mechanical means alone.

Nothing else you add to a car on your owned that wasn’t programed in as a Variable the computer can’t manipulate is of much good; not even, Global Emergy devices.

Well stated, Dag.
I’d add that the integration of computers into the design and manufacturing processes have also had an influence. As has materials engineering.

Yah, if these ‘‘devices’’…any of them , were worth beans,
the ENTIRE automotive industry would be beating down their door wanting one for every vehicle produced.
Think about it.

Beans produce more energy ?
invent a device in the seat pad to collect…

I smell a rat.

Andrew has a single post and posts a link to a web site for such devices. An unusual tactic, but this might be under the category “Any publicity is better than no publicity!”

But what if you use the HHO AND the Enerpulse plugs?


Just do a search for “broandrew HHO” and you’ll find numerous hits for Andrew pushing his HHO products.

In one of them, his profile states “hydrogen junkie at heart”.

Moderator: It sounds like this thread should be removed to prevent Andrew from getting any more free publicity than he’s currently getting.

Good point @JoeMario - sounds like one of those ‘We have the REAL phone psychics’ ads we used to see on TV. 100% BS…

“sounds like one of those ‘We have the REAL phone psychics’ ads we used to see on TV.”

If only those ads were a thing of the past!
Sometimes, if I am watching TV in the wee hours of the morning, I will see ads for a couple of these scam operations. While you and I are not likely to fall for their hokum, obviously a lot of other folks do pay them for their “services”, or they wouldn’t still be around.

If you want to see just how shameless and unscrupulous some of these scam artists can be, take a look at this article from today’s news. This is absolutely disgraceful.

But of the thread is removed, how will we have a chance to warn people?
We probably do more good pointing out that this stuff is fraudualant than we’d do by removing the thread.

Good point TSMB

I got 33% increase on my Globalenergy divice the first time around, but have been having problems with the unit working since.

@whitlee - no, you either fixed something during the installation or drove carefully afterwards. These things have been repeatedly proven to NOT work. Ever.

Hello everyone, I had been doing some research, and saw some “reviews” and was listed here, and many of you have a lot of negative things to say about it.

I recently purchased the Duo Dry cell complete kit, and have been having very promising results.

My vehicle is a 2012 Dodge Ram Diesel, and I have attached pictures of the installation. My starting mileage was about 14 MPG

I have had the system installed for about 2 months, and have maintained a constant increase of 5-6 more MPG.

I don’t know why so many people are saying that this does not work. I have it on my truck and its working great. The company was informative, answered all of my calls and questions every time. Try them 928-775-8611. They have professional, knowledgeable people to answer questions, and I talked to their techs a few times, and they helped me out with the wiring, and told me where to best install the system.

After reading the comments and reviews, I called them and personally talked to Charles, and asked him how the system could even work. He told me that because the internal combustion engines are so inefficient, that the Hydrogen just helps to release more energy from the existing fuel before it gets burned in the catalytic converter. That made sense to me, so I took the risk and bought the system, and I am glad that I did, because it is saving me diesel, and money. Don’t believe me, that’s fine, you are the one paying more for your fuel.