Green is the color of diesel fuel signs

I drove to the home store (trip #831 of the home renovation that will last longer than I do). I needed to buy gasoline so surveyed prices along the way. I noticed that all the diesel fuel price signs were in green: green LEDs for the electronic signs, green cardboard for the paper signs. Gasoline prices were red LEDs or black ink. Is this common or just Albuquerque?

Diesel is cheaper than gasoline, a change from the last time I paid attention.

I notice that my pickup starts right up since I ‘re-built’ the starter motor (just took it apart, cleaned it up, put it back together - no new parts) even after sitting for months. I’ve replaced the battery and the fuel pump along the way, which helped some.

In my area, green is most common, but I also see yellow being used.

I’ve seen the green here in NH. The diesel pump handles are usually green too.

If off the top of my head and if I remember correctly (two big ifs) black for 10% ethanol, blue for non-ethanol, green for diesel in Florida. But when in Georgia I think it was reversed. Black for diesel, green for gas.
But I am happy to be corrected.

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Well shows you how observant I am but actually never noticed. Just got back from Michigan and the one thing I was sure to double check though was the color of the diesel pump nozzles versus gas. The diesel was all green and gas was black. On the road, I have quit using Kwik Trip because of their confusing pumps.

Maybe it was in whatever part of Georgia you were in but in N W Georgia where I live it is green for diesel and black for 10% ethanol. I have not been across town lately to the only station that has non ethanol don’t remember what color it is.

I was south of Macon, up in NW Georgia the station I used only sold gas.

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here’s my observations . . .

black fuel filler cap = gasoline

yellow fuel filler cap = E85

green fuel filler cap = diesel

With that being said, it makes sense that the fuel signs correspond to the actual filler cap(s)


My wife and I were in Ireland a year ago, and stopped at a station to fill the tank. I picked up the nozzle, then looked at the pump, and the nozzle with a green handle was gasoline and the black handle one was diesel. I filled it with gas, as required, then went in to pay and said something to the guy. He laughed and said at least one American a month fills the car with diesel because of that, and the local mechanic makes a nice extra few Euros because of the mix-up. So, read the labels guys.

Does a diesel nozzle actually fit into a gasoline tank filler hole? When they started making unleaded fuel only vehicles, the unleaded gas nozzle was extra small to fit in the gas tank filler hole that wouldn’t accept the nozzle of a leaded regular gas pump. However, that won’t prevent you from filling a diesel car with gasoline, a much bigger problem that can actually damage a diesel engine or at least the injector pump.
Fill a gas car with diesel and the engine just quits until you drain and purge the fuel system and refill with gasoline, although diesel with enough gasoline blended in will run but has an extremely low octane rating resulting in detonation if you try to go much faster than 30 mph or so.

Same in my area. They also often mark E-85 with yellow. I’m surprised I don’t hear more stories of people putting the wrong fuel in because of that.

The minoco stations sell a variety of mixes. And have pumps with 3 gas nozzles. I am not sure if they even sell diesel?
They have e10 and e85 and then they have e-15. The e-15 is 3-4 cents cheaper and they like to put that price on the sign. Next to the e-10 price. Guess they want rubes to stop for 3cents less.

In the ten years that my wife had a diesel car, we might have run into one or two stations where the diesel pump used the smaller nozzle.

Yup, just looked. The diesel LED was green and the gas was red. Never noticed begore.

Something I noticed, the button you have to push for diesel says DIESEL. Could that be a clue?

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It can be a real problem with fleet drivers or with people who borrow a vehicle who don’t realize that the vehicle they are driving is a diesel powered vehicle.
We had at least one driver tank up one of our company trucks with gasoline.

I understand that. We had junior enlisted assigned to drive a truck between bases in California, they might get this detail once. Not all were aware of the difference. One filled our big diesel box truck with gasoline. Another, not wanting to make that mistake filled our 1/2 ton pickup with diesel. Another took a wrong turn with the box truck and ended up in Vegas.

I’m sorry, my mistake , you said Edwards, I thought you said Nellis.

Yep, from Eddies place to the Marine base in Barstow.

wrong turn?