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2017 Chevrolet Malibu - Did I just get diesel?

I filled up my Malibu 2017at a Meijergrocery store in Ypsilanti MIin the wrong pump indicating Diesel 87.
so I don’t know is something ,might go wrong I haven’t noticed any thing wrong so far.

Are you sure you actually got diesel fuel ? The diesel nozzle is not supposed to fit in the filler pipe of a gas vehicle. But just to be safe have a mechanic check to see if you do have diesel and tell him how much you may have put in.


Yeah back to the station to see what you actually put in the car. I think this problem is only going to get worse from what I have been noticing. At unfamiliar stations I have noticed diesel at the same pump with maybe a yellow nozzle cover. Green covers (which are supposed to be diesel), on gas nozzles, then lately at one chain I’ve noticed in the center between the regular and premium, they have 85 ethanol with a small warning note that it is only for multi-fuel vehicles. I don’t know why this is happening but even I have to study the options for a while to make sure what I am buying. In my view diesel should never be on the same island as gas.

87 octane Diesel doesn’t exist. Diesel’s burn potential is measured in cetane number, and I don’t recall ever seeing a cetane number listed on a diesel pump - instead it’s listed as a #, usually 1 or 2, to indicate the cetane number range you’ll be getting. And diesel with a cetane number of 87 would be… .Fairly insane. Real world you’re looking at 60 for the top end.

So I suspect you pumped 87 octane gasoline in there, and saw diesel written somewhere else for the other pump handle. Did you get the receipt? Check that - it’ll tell you what you bought.


Then you didn’t get diesel


Frequently the same pump is used for both gasoline and diesel. The green nozzle is diesel and the black is gasoline.

Yeah but like I said, not always anymore. They can be on the same pump and sometimes yellow and sometimes gas is yellow, or sometimes green even for gas, then throw in the E85 on the same pump and you really really need to be careful at a strange station. That’s been my experience driving cross country. Then just recently at all Kwik Trip stations, they have the E85 in the center with a small 3x5 sticker down below explaining that its only for multi-fuel vehicles. Very very easy to miss.

E85 isn’t sold at many places near me, if at all.

This is what we have at one of the chains near us (regular is black FYI). And yes, there are some pumps that have green diesel heads too. I don’t use the E15 stuff, just the E10.

Easy way to avoid putting diesel in? Don’t use pumps that offer diesel and gasoline (if possible), most of our stations only have a few pumps that have diesel and gasoline so I avoid them if possible out so someone using diesel doesn’t have to wait for me.

At least that pump is reasonably clearly labeled although the difference between yellow and blue is somewhat questionable. This isn’t always the case though, plus you have to remember that some people a color blind and a lot of it just looks gray. Not me though.