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Diesel in a 2017 Toyota RAV4

gas car filled diesel

Someone needs to be keeping count of these diesel in gas vehicle posts.


Drain tank of diesel


I would like to see at least one person tell us how they got the diesel in to the gas tank.


And not one has ever posted back as to how they accomplished this!


We may get lucky one day as in we one day we might win the lottery.

I think that this falls into the same category as, “The harder that I pressed on the brake pedal, the faster the car went”. In other words, start with a major error, and then just keep it up until things get really dire.


They are too embarrassed to admit the how, but not embarrassed enough to anonymously ask for help.


We got one who has come back and told us how they did that…

She said she hadn’t had enough coffee and grabbed the wrong nozzle. AND it didn’t fit but she put some in anyway

Forgot about that one.

She said it just shot out , there had to be diesel fuel on the vehicle sides and ground.


Not buying the no coffee defense.


Based on the name and poor command of English, I’d guess the OP is not from the USA. If that is true, then they might use the same size nozzles where he lives for gasoline and diesel fuels.


There was a 2010 Lexus here in the shop with diesel fuel in the tank on Thursday,. This happens all the time, when the fuel nozzles get worn it is possible to force them into a gasoline fuel inlet pipe.


I think you may be right.

In other word’s if it don’t fit force it.

What the hell difference does it make how they’re able to put diesel fuel in a gas tank?

They’re doing it!



Tempting me to try putting diesel in my tank, not that I would pump any but just to see if it is possible. It will probably be a few weeks until I need gas again, I will post results then.

Maybe because people want to understand how it is even possible. Understanding how leads to preventive measures to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. I suspect only someone that makes a profit off of people doing it wouldn’t care how it happens.

I’ve never seen a gas nozzle end that malformed. How does one get that beat up? Oops, I guess we’re not supposed to try and figure that out and just accept that it happens.

Around here, the diesel pumps are separate and have green handle covers. Very hard to mix them up. I thought the prior discussion regarding non-standard handle colors and pumps with both diesel & gas dispensing was enlightening and something I would pay more attention to when traveling. In other words understanding how it happens helps people to avoid getting into the same situation…

Remember the one person that when it didn’t fit, she held the nozzle over the tube and dribbled it in. No one has used a funnel yet but I’m sure it’s out there. If there’s a will there is a way. Better than the other way around, putting gas in a diesel-that’ll do some real damage.

Back in the early 80’s when diesel cars were just coming out, the Caddy/Olds dealer reported this happened a number of times to the shagrin of the owners. Get a new diesel Caddy and fill it with gas for a $2000 repair bill.