Diesel fuel in unleaded fuel vehicle

I am researching the effects of diesel fuel that is put in an enleaded fuel vehicle, and wondering if the nozzle sizes are actually no different. I have done online queries, and am astounded that there are so many people making this mistake. Can anyone clear up the nozzle question?

Back a few years ago all the nozzles were extra large for diesel fuel. Then for some reason unknown to me, someone decided to change that. Now the new diesel cars have smaller fill tubes so they we can’t easily switch back and the dealers need to have one pump for diesel cars and others for trucks who would take hours filling with the small nozzles. I wish they would switch back, it was nice to be able to fill the tank is a few seconds.

Im astounded, too, but the nozzles are a different color, they are separate from the gasoline nozzles, and the price of diesel is higher than premium, so anyone who pumps diesel into his or her non-diesel vehicle is simply not paying attention at the pump.

There’s no other reason. It’s human error, plain and simple.

The price difference should catch your attention,but the color,wern’t diesel nozzels green at one time? now you can get gasoline out of a green nozzel.My sister did it,gasoline in her Ford diesel,she thought green ment diesel,wrong.

That’s a new one on me too. Back in the 80’s when I had a diesel all the nozzels were larger. You could put gas in a diesel but not diesel in a gaser. I believe they are all green though so if you aren’t color blind, got to pay attention to the nozzel color.

Unfortunately at least one major fuel retailer uses green hoses for their unleaded thus confusing the normal green is diesel std. One thing for sure is if isn’t green its not likely diesel but again the opposite is not true, being green doesn’t mean diesel. Regarding nozzle size. Truck diesel use the large nozzles but passenger must use smaller nozzles. Actually trucks and most diesel RV’s can use either but it requires a much longer time to fill. Cars do not accept the larger nozzle due to the high volume overflowing tanks and causing wide spread ground pollution to say nothiing of a pad mess to walk through and track into car and the smell does not go away easily.

I agree. The color coding just isn’t there anymore, it appears that the car diesel nozzle at the same pump as regular gasoline is about the same size, so more people appear to be making more mistakes. I filled up two days ago, and the regular gasoline nozzle was coded green and the diesel fill at the same pump was gray. That is opposite of what one may expect. This was at a local BP station.

All of the gas stations where I’m at (MD) use those combination pumps that have one nozzle for all grades of gasoline; you push a button to choose regular, plus or high-test but it all comes out of the same nozzle.

Naturally, diesel has its own separate nozzle and every one I’ve seen has the words “DIESEL FUEL” on the handle in big white letters, not to mention that there’s no selection button to push like with gasoline. If someone still manages to put diesel into their gas car after all of that, they are simply not paying attention.

in england diesel pumps are black,and unleaded petrol pumps are green,except high octane shell v-power (what i use)which is red!! but still some of our van drivers at work have put petrol in their diesel works vans!!!the opening on unleaded cars petrol tanks is smaller so you cant put diesel in a petrol car ,but you can put petrol in a diesel,by mistake, with devastating effects!