Google Chrome Problems with this URL?

I got an e-mail from my US state accountancy board, telling me my annual CPA certificate renewal required me to use Google Chrome to access their on-line renewal site. So, I decided to install it to make sure I knew how to use it before May.

Now, if I log into Cartalk, and try to input a new posting, none of the select boxes work at all. Not category; not vehicle make nor model. I had to go to Chrome to get it to work.

And, I gotta’ tell you, I am not happy right now about it. If those people at the accountancy board worked at a firm I managed, they would be told to get their resumes out. The very idea that a government office would force their clients to modify their computers to use their site is simply not acceptable.

No, I am not sure Chrome is the problem, but it worked okay with Firefox before.

Chrome is installed on my phone and it does fine (although admittedly I don’t ask much of it). I have it installed on my laptop but rarely use it, mainly because I’m used to how Edge works. However, I’ve seen the messages that “everything runs better with Chrome” or some such statement and I giggle.

Similarly sometimes when I click a discussion of interest on the main page it brings up a totally different discussion.

HTML coding has gotten so complex these days that browsers have difficulty in staying compatible with all the millions of web pages out there. It may well be impossible.

So the designers of browsers have to make decisions on what to be compatible with. Eventually they will all reach agreement, but that is a long slow process, as they are all committed to their designs.

For now, we all may have to use several browsers to access the many differently designed web pages out there, so don’t be alarmed if a given browser doesn’t work with a particular site. Just use the one that works. This may resolve, it may never.

Remember that each browser has many versions, one for mac, one for windows, one for iphone, one for other phones, etc. They are all written slightly differently and behave differently.

Many government agencies and government contractors design their website security to function with particular browsers. You should be glad they’re focused on protecting your information from hackers and that the browser they’ve chosen isn’t the worst one out there: Internet Explorer.

In the grand scheme of things, having to install an additional browser so you can enjoy the convenience of processing information online is a great example of a first world problem.


Great posting, Whitey. It might have been even more impressive if you had actually read my posting before throwing snark at it.

Firefox worked perfectly on Cartalk. As soon as I installed Google Chrome to make my accountancy board accessible, Firefox would not create a new thread. That is why I posted it on Site Feedback.

I have no idea what went on your mind to connect that with having to adjust a seat after someone cleaned your car, or spoiled First World people.

I use Chrome (as much as I hate colluding with the enemy) and haven’t had any problem. I didn’t install it though so have no idea what the computer guy did. At work I used to use IE as my preferred browser but for a lot of our home grown software, the computer guys insisted we use Foxpro. Foxpro worked better on those systems and IE worked better on other sites. I think they liked Foxpro because everything was free and didn’t have to worry about site licenses and such.

First world problem- not nearly as important ad not having enough food.

Seriously, I use a mac desktop and use Firefox, Chrome and of course Safari. Car talk works fine on all 3. I use mostly Firefox unless a site doesn’t play nice with it. Walgreen’s Photo drives me crazy, the frequently change their site and it will no longer work with the browser I used last time.

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I use a variety of browsers among a verity of devices, win 10, win 7 chrome and firefox, chromebook chrome browser, android phone, and never had a problem with any of them, I have not used IE, or edge, but if you are having issues it is a computer specific problem for you from my experience,

Of course. But, it is a problem until I figure it out. I may try removing Chrome and see if it works again. If not, I may have to re-install Firefox. Then, I may eliminate the problem by installing Chrome on another machine. I keep extras because I teach free classes for the kids who cannot afford to pay for classes.

This renewal of certificate happens only once a year. I am not working as a CPA, so the only reason I keep it up is because it was a major project to get it, and I hate to see it end. I suppose one could call it an ego problem, or maybe a self-esteem issue. I don’t know for sure.

My BIL just gave up his CPA certification and wouldn’t do our partnership tax info anymore. Said it was just too much to keep up with the new rules and required CE courses. It’s a lot of work but you have to have it to be official.

Yes, that is a valid choice. In the state where I got it, you can go inactive, which means you can still call yourself CPA, but must add inactive, and must not practice. As I said, it took me a lot of work to get it. Only a small percentage of accountants pass the test. In 1980, I was number 3,000 plus, and last disciplinary report had certificates over 11,000. That is over a 37 year period.

I guess it just feels good to pay the $50 a year to renew. I can’t explain it, nor do I have to. It is personal choice.

My mind is gone. Start digging my grave, gents. I am sitting here in a Third World village and I let Whitey make snarky and patronizing remarks about being a spoiled First Worlder. Oh, man, tamp it down good and solid. Hahahaha.

Hey, Whitey, have you ever lived in the Third World? Er, have you ever actually visited the Third World? Or, are you just being snarky? (This is a rhetorical question.)

Unheated houses with winter temps in low 30’s. (I have a fireplace, but usually just put on more clothes.)

House wiring limited to 30 amp service, and costs over 130 kwh a month, explode.

When I came here, people still lived in houses made of sticks, with palm roofs. As people have gone to the US, the first thing they do is build a block house with concrete roof. So, the town has changed a lot.

In the Third World today, there is a mixture of poverty and old ways of living. I know people who cook over a wood fire. And, we have installed US type wiring using fixtures from Home Depot.

The rich guys drive new Escalades. There are modest people who keep 1976 Chevrolet pickups running, and a lot of imported Rangers. My next door neighbor rides around on his burro. Mostly, people walk or take a kombi (passenger van). They used to be VW buses, but now they have large Toyota vans or Nissans. A lot of taxis, the Korean ones with the twisted H symbol.

And, yes, there are a few people who don’t eat well. We help what we can, but with paid odd jobs, not charity, unless someone wants more schooling and needs financial help. And, yes, I teach free English classes, and sometimes programming. A few students asked me to teach OBDII, just the basics, of course.

I dress much like the neighbors. Okay, okay, sloppier, but this helps me fit in.

I know something about the Third World which is a difference between us, probably.

I lived in the US, much like a 3rd world country, though very blessed in comparison, sure it was a shack on a commune, built of 2x4’s and cardboard, or a house as my landlords mother had lived there umpteen years, and now he wanted just enough to pay taxes as the nursing home got the rest, no central heat, wood burning stove I bought, outhouse, running cold water in the kitchen and a nice chicken coop, there are people living in the woods near us, under the radar, no car, no heat, just a tent, maybe a couch and some kids, and a firepit.
My mom wanted to donate her car to our church, good car, maintained well, but a check engine light came on, no go for the church, donated it to NPR, lat year, an 03 auction price paid for taxes $4500. I had a neighbor, very religious fellow, ex con, we had an extension cord to their house for 3 months for their fridge and computer, he helped me replace the clogged galvanized pipe with cpvc, they ended up getting evicted from the house, bought a church and grounds for $1, and I am just scratching the tip of the iceberg,
The wood burning stove blesses our alcove today! pic by request,

Carp it must be beer Friday, home brew, and yes I roll my own cigarettes too, get to meet new people every day, at least I did not post a song, what was the question?