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Alarming problem

My car alarm will randomly go off, anytime of day, in any weather conditions. With the doors locked or unlocked. Occurs once a week. Any ideas why?

What year Jimmy? the answer to this question will help with my second question, is the alsrm factory installed, dealer installed, “Stero Shop” installed? Perhaps you even know the alarm type. When I was the “alarm guy” at one of the two Chevrolet Dealers in town we used a product from a company called "Code Alarm. This company had some type of affiliation with GM. We had alarms for cars that were factory equipped with keyless entry and alsrms for cars that were not equipped with keyless entry from the factory.

Usually this problem comes from a shock sensor that has its sensitivity level set too high but can also be caused by some problem with the circuits that detect a door opening (the dome light circuit) and way down the end is a problem with the “brain”. Oh I almost forgot, if the B+ voltage (the supply voltage) is intermittent for some reason (like corrosion) then the alarm will sound every time this connection is lost then made again.

Incorrect use of crimp connectors or wire nuts can cause this also.There is also an installation error (better said a correction to the way the book wants you to wire a Code Alarm) that can cause this.

I do wonder how you are “arming” the alarm without the doors also getting locked in the process, but I am sure there is a good explaination.

Have the alarm system completely removed from the vehicle. Car alarms are pointless and annoying.

Is it an OEM alarm or one someone added after the fact. Frankly I don’t think much of them as they seem to cause more trouble than they are worth. Just my opinion.

It would be a good idea to tell us what year your Jimmy is as well.

One good thing, it is not setting itself off in the middle of the night.

Can I do that with out effecting my keyless entry features?

01’ GMC Jimmy. 4x4 4drive. Factory system came with keyless entry feature.

Actually it is and it’s causing huge problems with my roommates and neighbors.