1998 Chevy prism help my car won't start but the horn alarm keeps going

I could not get my car to start yesterday so I had my friend jump it and we got it started. took my daughter to school this morning no problem car started right up ran fine 2 hours later car wouldn’t start again but this time when we tried to jump it the horn was honking from the car alarm. disconnected the terminal took the battery to the shop had it tested battery is good cleaned the terminals with a wire brush hookef it back up and the horn startef honking again disconnected the battery to stop the Horn.
here’s where it gets really weird #1 my horn hasn’t worked in months #2 I have never used the alarm didn’t even know it was activated.I inherited the car last year from Grandma who did not like the keyless entry and had it removed she paid big money to Chevy to have it removed so I have no keyless entry to my car and from what I can find online that is the only way to stop this! its a 98 Chevy Prizm I only have 49 thousand original miles car is in beautiful shape have never had a problem until now. it has the original cassette deck no CD lol it doesn’t even have electric windows for goodness sake lol please help me what can I do thank you

Take it to the dealership. Preferably the one that removed the keyless entry system.

You may have some ‘splainin’ to do. If I were the guy at the dealership, I would wonder why anyone would pay “big money” to have a keyless entry system removed rather than just leaving the key fobs at home and unlocking the door the old fashioned way.

Once I started wondering that, I would wonder why that “big money” did not include removing the alarm that can only be deactivated via the keyless entry system.

At that point I’d then start wondering what chop shop you bought the car from and who the chop shop stole it from.

First, I’d unplug the horn, and see if the no-crank problem returns. How old is the battery?

I just wonder if this is an “aftermarket” keyless entry system. They are a royal pain to remove properly.

I actually found the book for the security system in the glove box it is called a silencer security system and it does say in the book that if the security system arms itselfgot the starter will become deactivated and will prevent engine from starting I don’t know how to turn it off without having that transmitter key this is a horrible thing

+1 @shadowfax. Have it towed to a dealer. For a couple hundred $$$, you’ll have a great car with many miles left on it. Hardly a “horrible thing.”

Grandma probably kept those key fobs for years and finally decided to toss them after years of never needing them. I’m sure she figured that the system was physically removed from the vehicle, not just disconnected.

I Googled “Silencer Security System” and found a few videos on how to bypass the system.

This one seems to be the easiest and most professional.


It sounds like this car has at least a few years of life left in it, If so, if this were my car, I’d be getting an estimate for removing the security system, putting back in whatever was taken out for the keyless entry (probably using junkyard parts at this point), and otherwise getting the wiring back to the factory layout. Aftermarket security systems have too many issues for my taste.

If your vehicle has a factory or aftermarket alarm system that is not being operated by the user properly…this could cause your vehicle to EASILY NOT START…ON PURPOSE. When the alarm is triggered and the horn or siren is operating…the alarm system will cut the starter signal wire under the dash. You will have all of your normal battery power to operate the lights, the radio, and other electrical items…however when you go to start the vehicle…nothing will happen.

The alarm can be Self Arming…and if the siren wire was cut or somehow disabled the only indicator that the alarm was in the picture would be the parking lights flashing. Many things can trigger the alarm to arm and go into protect mode. If the battery is removed or disconnected and then reconnected…the alarm immediately is triggered…and you cannot start the vehicle until you disarm the system either by the remote fob or by turning the ignition ON and switching the alarm into Valet mode.

You need to find out what kind of alarm is in your vehicle…if it is the factory system OR the factory system WITH and aftermarket system piggybacked onto it…things get REAL FUN when you have two systems in one vehicle and they begin to malfunction…and or fight over which one disables the vehicle. It is imperative that you find out this information…otherwise you will go nuts trying to figure this out on your own. You have a little homework to do…find out what systems are in this vehicle ASAP.


The OP stated that it was a “Silencer Security System” .