Rearview mirror replacement advice needed'

It has been a few years since I have had this problem I need to glue the rearview mirror back to the windshield I know that adhesives have changed a lot what brands if any would y’all recommend. I don’t have a garage it sets outside under the hot southern sun.

This is what I use.



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I would not have thought of that one thank you.

3M makes a specific mirror to glass adhesive. probably available at yiu local parts supplier.

Clean the mirror attachment surface, stick it on, it’s lasted me 5+ years


Clean the mirror attachment surface, stick it on,

I use alcohol to clean both the glass and the button. Unless you know of a better way.


I always let the button stay on the glass for about a half hour to dry good before I put the mirror back on. but thats just me.

I park in the shade glue the button to the glass and tape it as tight as possible for al least an hour or longer before I put the mirror back on.

I always used the super-glue & accelerator commercial product for that on my truck. The good part of that product, it would stick fast within a minute or so. And it would last 4-5 years; but then the mirror would eventually fall off. I got tired of repeating the job, so the last time I tried something else, JB Weld Original. No signs of the mirror getting loose or falling off yet. I think it’s already been 5 years. The only challenge I had for that job was figuring a way to press that button onto the glass while the JB set for 24 hours. As I recall I rigged up a 2 x 4, with a 4 pound weight. You have to be careful not to press too hard, otherwise you may press the windshield right out. I expect the JB Weld job will never fail, and the main downside to this method is if the mirror ever gets inadvertently whacked the result might be a damaged windshield.

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