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Hydrogen on Demand Technology/Global Energy Devices

I recently came across this website about Hydrogen on Demand Technology. I wanted know if anyone has installed this equipment on your car or truck and what is your opinion on the product based on the website detail. It seems that it will be good option for $300.00. “you can achieve anywhere from 10-50% better gas mileage and reduce harmful emissions by up to 90%”. 10 % on a 16 miles/ gallon wont be much but if I can get 25% better gas mileage will be good and even better 50%. .

The website is and

How it works.


bogus junk.

I have used hydrogen on my trooper for 10 years now, I will not drive my trooper with out hydrogen. 16 mpg in town and 20 mpg on the highway, factory. With the booster on 25mpg in town and 28 on the highway…as per scan gauge II…The power factor is the main thing, it is like driving a muscle car with the booster on…The engine is still running like new at 130000 miles. I built my booster from ebay parts , before the on line kits…I love it…

Send me three hundred bucks and I’ll wave my magic wand over your car and whatever fuel mileage you are getting now, it will be doubled…

Well, it’s been a while since this BS surfaced here but like a plate of bad food from a greasy spoon restaurant it has returned. :wink:

Assuming you’re not spamming this bogus device, save your money. It’s a scam all the way. If something like that even provided a 5% increase in fuel economy every vehicle made would roll off of the assembly line with a factory unit on it already.

And a stock alternator produces 140 amps at idle, huh? :wink:

One scammer tosses out the bait, another (or the same with an alias) tries to set the hook. 100% BS, it has been repeated proven to be worthless. But it NEVER goes away…

How it (supposedly) works without breaking basic physical laws: "Instead; what we are doing is utilizing the excess residual power that is already readily available from your vehicles alternator to power our hydrogen cell. "

This statement proves the scammer’s claims completely ignore the basics of how a car’s charging system works. THERE IS NO EXTRA ENERGY BEING WASTED IN THE CHARGING SYSTEM

Key question: How many cubic feet a minute of HHO gas does the system produce? Wait, that’s not fair…Better make it cubic feet an hour…Now, how many cubic feet of air does a 250 cubic inch engine running at 2500 RPM /60 MPH ingest? Now compare the amount of hydrogen generated to the total amount of air required by the engine…I think you will find that not enough hydrogen is produced to make ANY noticeable difference in anything…

Oh, they forgot to mention something about alternators…The more load you put on them, the more power they require to turn the pulley…There is just no getting around that first law of thermodynamics by claiming alternators produce power but don’t consume any power…They also forgot to mention how many amps their little water-box draws…That number will tell you how much hydrogen is being generated…

@h2otrooper: I would say you’re either lying or just very, very incorrect. Also, it appears you just generated your user account yesterday. I sense a marketing shill, and tiresome hucksters like you make me want to regurgitate. These snake oil devices have been multiply tested and debunked. You can’t defeat physics. The only way you could get more mileage on anything by using a device such as this is if hydrogen was a catalyst for gasoline combustion. (which it isn’t) Somehow I seriously doubt that a ‘company’ dreamt up by idiots for whom science of any kind is likely voodoo managed to discover something that all the automakers in history have overlooked, and then have taken the Nobel-prize winning step of purveying their amazing discovery on some fly-by-night website that I’ll bet folding money won’t even exist in another year.

People here are way too auto savvy to buy your worthless crap. Why don’t you go back to preying on the poor folks that watch CBN all day long and the like…

Why hasn’t anyone flagged and deleted this thread? LUISP is obviously a shill. h2otrooper is probably the same person or a coworker of LUISP.