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Gasoline Odor

Someone possibly me, accidentally spilled about two gallons of gasoline in the trunk of my car. Any suggestions as to how to remove the odor? I’ve tried fabric freshener and cat litter. I’ve also left my trunk open for close to a week.

That is a tough one. You can try using a good detergent and lots of water. Remove any carpeting type stuff first and clean it separately.

You might try your local auto detailer or one a fire restoration company.


try searching - removing gasoline odor - and you will get lots of suggestions…

in Australia cars are all ALL METAL -some alum…
If you drive real mellow -no brake “flow” is pace care central -going nowhere?hmmm [let’s party!]
you must rev up the hill 1/2 mile from home or dest.
the COOLANT SMELL is the wurst! can a $6 can o’ aluminum radiator leak FIX , fix that smell? and the thing elludes every one who smells it…

i agree with the guy. rip out all carpeting from the trunk, and use some serious ammonia, or even stronger stuff. and…hope for the best.