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Gasoline spilled in the trunk of car

how to clear gasoline and odor

Remove the carpet, and any and everything else that got fuel on it, clean thoroughly, let dry outside of the vehicle. Leave it open for a few hours. you may want to leave the doors open, too. If you’re worried the battery won’t hold up the lights for a very long period of time, disconnect the ground cable (only).

You could try some carpet fresh inside the vehicle to attempt to absorb some of the smell, which may have permeated the entire car.

I agree, the carpet and whatever else got gas on it has to be removed for cleaning. There’s no way to do it properly while it’s still in the car.

Leave the trunk open so any gas residue on the metal can evaporate. You could try something like Simple Green, or a similar degreaser, to remove the residue.

It can be used on the carpet, too. Soak it good and use your garden hose to rinse it out. Hang it somewhere to dry. Repeat if necessary.

Gasoline is 100% volatile and it will all evaporate fairly quickly leaving little or no odor…leave the trunk open in direct sunlight, a small fan to move the air will speed things up…Remove any loose carpet or mat and hang it up to dry…

I’d add that if enough was spilled in the trunk, you essentially have a bomb waiting to go off if you have the right concentration of gas and air in the closed trunk. A spark would do it.

I’m with those who say the carpet and liner needs to be removed. And I agree that taking a shortcut in this process just might result in combustion.

Personally, I’d dry the gutted trunk thoroughly and replace the padding and carpeting with new materials. New materials aren’t that expensive.


Toss in a match? JUST KIDDING!