Remove gas from carpet



Any recommendations on how to remove gasoline spilled on the carpet?

(Any less expensive ways to do this…ie using household products?)

The carpet is in the trunk and replacing the carpet is not much of an affordable option right now.


I would leave the trunk open overnight. You should probably remove the bulb from the light in the trunk if the car is so equipped. After thoroughly airing out the trunk, the gasoline odor may disappear. If not, I would use a Bissel “Little Green Machine”. It sprays a solution into the fabric and then sucks it up, much like a carpet cleaner. You then need to let the trunk carpet dry. You may be able to rent one of these machines, probably called an upholstery steam cleaner at a rental store. Be certain to air the trunk out first before you do this to get rid of all gasoline fumes. It may be the case that if you air the trunk out, you won’t have to use the steam cleaner.


Most carpet is removable from the trunk and sometimes quite easily. I found using laundry detergent premixed with water and then letting it air dry out either in open trunk or better yet removed worked for me.