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Gas spill

i had a gas can in the trunk of my new car, it had leak. it spilled gas in my trunk. my car is now impregnated with a stench. what do i do? how do i get the smell out?

HELP ME in Nebraska!


Lots of baking soda followed by some good vacuuming might do the trick. You might also consider removing any carpeting in the trunk area and cleaning under it and cleaning the carpeting.

You might also consider taking it to a local detailing shop. They should be able to clean it up, or recommend someone local to do the job.

Good luck.

You’ll need to strip out any and all lining and upholstery, wash it down as best you can, and leave the trunk open for awhile.

Do not get this near flame or cigarettes. A closed trunk rich with gas fumes is potentially explosive.

Any way to replace the carpet? Would save a lot of work.