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Gasoline spill

How can I get the smell of spilled gasoline out of the trunk of my car.

About the only way is ventilation, temperature, and time. Firstly remove the trunk carpet and the pressboard spare tire cover. You can shampoo the carpet a couple of times. Let it dry outdoors for as long as you can in the sun. Let the spare tire cover stay outside along with the carpet. Secondly, remove the spare tire, jack, and tire tools and give them a good cleaning. Thirdly, wash with soap and water and dry the entire trunk floor including the spare tire well. Then leave the trunk open on a warm day to air out. If after you reassemble everything, the smell is still there, leave the trunk open on a few more warm days.

It might be better to run this by a car detailing firm. They have all sorts of tricks and chemicals to get smells out of the interior.

Hope this helps.

I love scrubbing bubbles, spray it well and wipe it up. Leaving the trunk open as much as possible will help dissipate the fumes.

Try baking soda. Spread some on the affected area and leave the opened box in the trunk. Then vacume it and shampoo the area. Baking soda is wonderful stuff.

Thanks. I’m trying cat litter now. Since baking soda is the least expensive suggestion, I’l try that next!

I’ll try the scrubbing bubbles. So far it’s been degreaser and cat litter with an open trunk.


Thanks. I’ve actually been trying all those. I’ll try the less expensive suggestions before I give up and take it to the car detailer!