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Gas tank filler

i have a 1972 fiat abarth and the gas tank has the larger filler hole for the old leaded gas fille nozzles Can i buy an adaptor for the gas tank filler hole to accomodate the new skinnier gas filler nozzles?

Why? The unleaded pump nozzles should still work okay…

Leave it alone. Nobody sells leaded gasoline anymore, and all current fuel nozzles will work just fine with your current filler opening.

Are you complaining your filler neck has too much room? Too small would be a problem, but too large is nothing to worry about.

Perhaps the OP is fishing for a comment about the Fiat Abarth…

Okay, here’s one: Loves labor lost…

Has anyone wondered if maybe the OP has a new driver, and wants to maybe make sure this new driver can't stick diesel in there?

If this happens to be the case, training. Contrary to everywhere else in life, Green = bad.

However, does this thing run OK on unleaded? I'm not sure when they started modifying the valve seats to take the extra heat.

Good luck,

Yellow=bad too, btw. Some diesel pumps are yellow.

Diesel pump nozzles at truck stops are still larger than gas pump nozzles, but at the average gas station, all of the nozzles are the same size.

it is difficult to fill the tank as the nozzle keeps shutting off, an adaptor with a smaller filler hole is needed