Diesel #2

Does anyone know why some gas stations have oversized diesel nozzles that do not fit in a VW TDI, while others have correct size nozzles? Conoco has the right size, Shell and BP do not. I have found this situation in multiple states.

Because those pumps are for good hardworking trucks filling up several hundred gallon tanks, not the few-dozen “litre” tank your little foo-foo Euro-mobile. Plus even if the nozzle was the right size, those things pump way faster than an auto diesel pump so it might very well make a mess fueling up your TDI with them.

Sometimes if you poke around, the stations might have one auto diesel pump hidden somewhere.

Maybe the filler nozzles that don’t fit also don’t dispense the proper low-sulfur fuel. Just a guess, but it’s something to look into.

I thought all diesel fuel sold for on-road ( large trucks or diesel cars like yours) use had to meet the same federal requirements, but I’m not a diesel driver so I could be wrong.