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1997 Ford Escort - Diesel in the gas

I had a half a tank of gas and made mistakes but $3 worth of diesel in it

Another one ! Please tell how you did that .

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Here we go again.

Diesel fuel is sold at many gas stations. Ask your wife to put diesel fuel in your Volvo and you will learn how easy it is to do so.

First of all my wife would know not to do that . Second the diesel nozzle will not fit in the Volvo fuel fill pipe opening. So it would not be easy .

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I would fill it the rest of the way with regular unleaded and motor on. I doubt 1 gal. of diesel will make all that much difference.

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Diesel is sold at many gas stations here also. But it is always on a separate pump with a larger nozzle.

Leaded Gasoline Nozzle: outside diameter of 15/16" (23.8125mm)
Unleaded Gasoline Nozzle: outside diameter of 13/16" (20.6375mm)
Auto Diesel Nozzle: same as leaded gasoline 15/16" (23.8125mm)
Truck Hi-Flow Diesel Nozzle: 1 3/16" (30.1625mm)

These have been standard for years. The problem is that station mangers sometimes replace a broken Auto Diesel nozzle with an Unleaded Gasoline nozzle because they either have an extra or just order the cheapest available.

I can only find 2 laws on nozzle size requirements,

  1. Unleaded fuel 13/16" (20.6375mm)
  2. Hi-Flow Diesel Nozzle: 1 3/16" (30.1625mm)

Can’t find anything that requires what the size for an “Auto Diesel Nozzle” has to be.

Today $3 bucks maybe buys a gal of D fuel… no? Cant be much more if I’m wrong… Fill up with gas and forget its even in there… Your vehicle wont care.

Just remember this for the next time you use a service station… lol