2007 Volkswagen Eos - Wrong fuel

put diesel fuel in gas tank does the car have to be totaled or can that be repaired?

Another one . How did you do that ?
Have it towed to a shop they will drain the tank and clear the fuel lines and you should be fine.


Please tell us how you did that. In the US, the nozzle is too big to fit into the filler neck. Did you just dribble fuel in until the tank was full? Didn’t you think maybe that was peculiar?

Please post back with an answer. We see a couple of these a week and we’d REALLY like to know how this keeps happening.

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As many of these post’s that we see with no explaining how it was done I starting to wonder if some of them might be troll’s.

You keep saying that, But I can’t find any regulations saying that.

The only regulations on nozzle sizes I can find are for Unleaded Fuel and High Volume Diesel,
I can’t find anything on what size the nozzle for Automotive Diesel has to be.

I can’t find any regulations that stops a gas station from replacing the Automotive diesel nozzle with an Unleaded nozzle.

Not me that keeps saying that. But, I did look at diesel pumps at my local fillup spot and it was bigger. A previous poster than put diesel in her tank told us it didn’t fit but pumped it in anyway.

A responsible station will use a leaded fuel nozzle for diesel,
But unfortunately, a lot of stations will just replace the diesel nozzle with an unleaded nozzle.

These are the stations that are going to start getting complaints and no sales from newer diesel cars, Volkswagen and others have a way to prevent their cars from accepting fuel with to small of a nozzle, to stop diesel owners from putting unleaded into their cars.