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Gas Pump Doesn't Shut Off

I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty. The last 2 times I’ve filled it, the pump has not shut off right away, spilling about a pint or so of gas down the side. Both times, I was at the station I always use. The 2nd time, I made a point of using a different pump than the last time. The station has not made any changes to their pumps. I never top off the tank, it annoys my emissions sensor and makes the Check Engine light come on. I’m afraid this is something wrong with my Jeep; any ideas?

Has the fuel pump been replaced??? Whatever will be will be…

No, it’s the original fuel pump. I haven’t had any recent repairs… which reminds, it’s due for an oil change.

I have heard that the valve that prevents gas leakage in the event of an accident can get stuck and cause this problem. Look down the fill pipe and see if you see a ball shaped device. Try seeing if you can get it to come loose and fall back down the filler pipe.

Good Luck

Changing your fueling habits can help until you figure out what is going on. If you know you usually need about 12 gallons stop it at 10 and use the slow setting for the last 2 gallons. See if that helps. I’ve had to use this method for the lat 2 years and had no burps. It may be venting is somehow restricted.