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Gas pump shut off

When I try to fillup my 2005 Ford Escape the gas pump repeatedly shuts off. I know this was adressed in the paper awhile back, but can’t remember the fix. What do I tell the guys at the dealership when they “dumb ole girl” me?

Dont know what to tell you,but I ask the others why are we seeing a epidemic of this type of concern? In my 35years in the industry it was only accident cars or cars that had the tank previously removed and some problem came up that was caused by the re-installation. Now its almost everyday someone posts this type of complaint Huh…

Have you, or a prior owner been in the habit of topping off the tank? That can cause it, as can other things. Here are a few possibilities.

A clogged charcoal filter. This can be caused by topping off the tank.

A damaged vent/fill system, usually accident damage, but other things can cause it.

A failing check valve in the vent system.

Some cars just don’t like some pumps. Try a different station, preferably different brand.

Tell those guys to read the TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) 05-18-4, dated 09/19/2005, titled SLOW FUEL FILL - REPEAT FILLING STATION PUMP SHUT-OFF. “ACTION Install a revised fuel tank filler pipe.”
“Warranty: New vehicle limited warranty coverage applies.”

The new filler pipe is larger diameter. The TSB says that, even with the new filler pipe, there may still be a problem at some service station pumps.

Well there you go. Ask and ye shall receive. How are you going to get a better answer than that?