Gasoline overflowing on fill-up OFTEN

Recently (in the past month or so), when I fill up, the pump will shut off maybe a second or two too late, so gasoline will spray out all over the ground. I initially thought this was a failure of the pump and complained to the attendant, but now I am seeing it happen 80% of the time or more, and at multiple stations. Is there something about my fuel tank that could cause the auto-shut-off to malfunction like that?

Your filler neck could be damaged in some way or the anti-rollover valve may be malfunctioning. Have you tried the low or medium setting on the fuel nozzle? The events you are experiencing sounds like you have it set to high. Newer vehicles have smaller filler necks and tend to spill fuel when the automatic fill setting is used.

It’s a 2005 that I’ve had since I bought it new with no problems. This only developed in the last month, so I would believe damage or malfunction before nozzle speed.

Also, I live in Massachusetts, so when I say “automatic shut-off”, I mean that I am physically holding the handle (there is no little clip to hold it in the “on” mode). I could try slowing it down when I think it is getting close, perhaps, but that seems like more of a workaround than a solution.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll look into the anti-rollover valve.