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I have a dead battery while trying to jump; my car I blew my alternator fuse. I had a friend try to change the fuse but he was unable to get all of the fuse.
How can I get all the fuse out to put a new fuse in?
Thanks for the help

Hemostats are often helpful, a small screwdriver to expose enough to grab can be helpful.

Needle-nose pliers. Worse case would be to unbolt the fuse box, release the fuse tang from underneath, and clear out the connection that way.

Take the finest coping saw blade you can find, and insert it in between the blades of the fuse and the fuse holder with the teeth of the blade pointing up. Then when you pull the blade out, the teeth will grab the fuse blades and pull them out.


Guys, some Toyota fuses are held in place FROM THE BOTTOM. I ran into this on my 1994 Celica.
I had to flip the fuse box and undo the fuse from the bottom.

@tbm what year is that RAV4?