Any tips for lying underneath dash?



I need to check a couple of fuses. In this vehicle, one of the fuse boxes is underneath the steering wheel next to the driver’s side door. I’ve only had to get under a dash a couple of times, neither time was very enjoyable. The first issue is simply getting underneath; maybe a creeper that’s the height of the floor might be helpful. The second issue is seeing. I need glasses for my close-up vision; I can see that getting in the right position to see the fuses with the bottom part of my glasses may be a problem.
You have any helpful tips for working under the dash?


I usually remove the driver seat in my Corolla to check things out under the dash.Probably takes 10 minutes in a RAV4 .


Yeah, try using your phone! I have the exact same problems. Pulling the seat is good for working but the phone gives me a way to inspect.

I turn the flashlight on on my phone first. My phone has a camera on each side so I can “selfie” while looking at the screen - good for under dash views - and the camera on the other side gives me a good view. I can snap a picture and blow up the exact area if needed. Good Luck, under dash work is the pits!


A bunch of us drove out to Death Valley one Thanksgiving in a '62 Le Sabre. There was some problem with wiring under the dash. I dove under on my back while we were cruising California 14, got a cramp in one of my legs. Fortunately the driver was an athlete who recognized the symptoms and instructed the guys in the back seat to push down on the ball of my foot to pull it out. Boy that hurt. Now I check the fuses with the car stopped, open the door, crouch down outside. I can also unmount it for a closer look.


They make under dash creepers.

And they make dual segmented focusing safety glasses for looking up and down.



Dollar tree reading glasses.


train a 4 year old to do the work for you. they fit pretty well


Cool! An opportunity to buy a tool!


I’m hoping for a few more years before grandchildren. I need to check these before then…

I’ll keep that in mind for the future.


Or make one?



A grandchild…or the under dash creeper!!!



I don’t consider a grandchild as being a TOOL!



If a mirror and good lighting doesn’t do the trick, then I move the seats all the way back and lay on my back on a piece of thick rubber mat and look upward. The little bench seems like a good idea if you had to do it a lot. If it was a major job requiring quite a few hours of under-dash work I’d remove a door and front seat. I’m able to see close-up w/no correction, but if I needed better near-vision I’d wear single vision glasses. You want to be wearing some kind of eye protection anyway. Your head is directly below your work area; stuff is going to be falling in your eyes otherwise.