Installing a Fuse Box




I am planning on buying a 1991 Mazda MPV. The fuse box under the hood went bad and needs to be replaced. Apparently the only place I can find one is a junk yard. How difficult is it to install a fuse box? Also, should I make sure that the people at the yard don’t butcher the fuse box by cutting the wires to free it? How much cutting should be done? Thanks, robert


[b]The fuse box should have connections where the wiring harnesses plug in. Sorta like a plug-n-play affair.



So there shouldn’t be any “cutting” taking place? Is it like connecting an old speaker to a stereo. would I have to disconnect the battery while doing this? Basically can a novice with some experience do this or should a professional handle this? I ask because the junk yard would most likely cut some wires unless I take it off myself.


Ideally there should be NO wire cutting. All wires should end in connectors which need to be pulled apart.

In practice this is not always so simple. For example, examine your current fusebox and determine exactly how you would remove it. Maybe yours will be simple to deal with, maybe not. If it is not straightforward I would expect the junkyard flunky to cut all wires. What does he care?

If you get one that’s intact, try installing it yourself. It ought not be too challenging and there’s little that can go wrong. By all means, disconnect the battery and remove the fuses for installation.