Wire from fuse is torn

On my 1999 Toyota Corolla, one of the wires coming out of the left side fuse is completely torn. See images. It goes from the fuse to the alternator. Not sure how it has happened. There is no burn smell or anything.

a) Do we know what is its significance or what is its used for? Sometimes my car would just keep clicking and wont start despite having new spark plugs and new battery.
b) How do I replace this wire?
c) Is there a ready kit available in the auto stores or I need to put any wire?
d) What wire guage should I be using?


You need to replace that wiring harness, or rewire that harness.

That’s a car fire waiting to happen!


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If that wire is coming from the alternator, there is a good chance it’s providing the power to that entire fuse box. A schematic diagram would be needed to confirm. To answer B, C, and D, unless you have some experience with auto wiring, (and your questions indicate you don’t) I’d have a mechanic make this fairly simple repair.