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Fuse box?

So my Del sol was stolen a while ago.
When i got it back seats, radiator, stereo, battery, fuse cover were missing.

I installed everything back and checked the fuse with

and it looks correct but my power windows don’t work, aux Lights, ceiling lights not working, trunk light also.

When i try the power windows button I hear an sound coming from where the stereo use to be.

Any one have any suggestions?

I also just got the fuse box under the steering wheel looked at. I’m informed that half of them are not working.
I tried checking a few of the wires and could not see any thing.

Thank you.

The accessories that you listed are controlled by the fuse box under the hood. Check out the fuses in the underhood fuse box.

"I also just got the fuse box under the steering wheel looked at. I’m informed that half of them are not working. "

Half of what are not working? Half of the fuses? Or half of the wiring doesn’t get any power at all? If half of your fuse box lacks power you’re going to need to do more than check a few wires. Obviously you’d start by focusing on areas disturbed by stripping out parts - I’d start with anything related to the radio area.

Wiring diagrams will come in handy. You may be able to get them form Autozone’s free online repair info.

Also check the under hood box as SteveF suggested.

The power accessory fuse is probably identical to others in the same box. Switch them around and see if your power windows work again.

Talk with your insurance company. I agree with Cig that what you’re seeing is the result of something the thieves did, and if you have a police report of the theft your comprehensive should cover having it diagnosed and repair by a professional shop that specializes in automotive wiring. This job could get big.

I only got liability for the insurance. so its not covered. wish I did.

Under the stereo is a few wires that are not connected to any thing like three of them. they have male plugs in them. i could not find the other end would that lead to the items not working?

You need professional assistance. If you want to get more self-sufficient with such things dig up about $40. Go to an auto parts store & drop about $20 on a repair manual for the car. It will have a section on basic electrical tasting and bunch of wiring diagrams. Drop what is left of the $$ on a basic digital multi-meter.

Off hand, I’d seriously doubt that the 3 unconnected wires tell you very much since I’m sure the thieves didn’t stop to put connectors on the end of broken or cut wires.