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2000 Isuzu Rodeo — fuse box isn’t getting power

I have tested the fuse box under the hood, and, it appears there is no power to the right side of the box?

Is your question whether it has power or not? You tested it. So did it? Did you try turning the key to the ON position and retesting? Not familiar with the specific truck but you may have probed the acc side and the battery side. Go back and check key on.

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I’m not sure how the fuse panel is designed. You may have a connection problem on the bottom side of it and may have to remove the panel in order to check the bottom side of it for a problem.

My ac/heat do not work. In trying to track down where it it was not receiving power we noticed that on the fuse box under the hood, we get signs of power on the first two rows on the left side of the fuse box. No poser anywhere near the fuses for the two rows on the right. Yes, that is where the fuses for the ac and blower motor are.

Please answer my question…did you try turning the key ON and then test the fuse box again for power?

I’m sorry, yes we did. We tested all over with the switch both on and off. That right side has no power…

Pull the fuse box out and look underneath it. Look for burned or corroded wires.


Maybe a fusible link supplies those circuits and has blown.

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Is it hard to do? My hubby is useless, so, I will have to do it myself…

Most fuse panels are held in place by some retaining clips that should be easy to unlatch so you can remove the panel. You may have to disconnect some wire connectors also.

A close look at the fusible links on the battery positive post could be worthwhile.

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I had not thought of that! Thank You! You have been so helpful! I appreciate that!

Good luck.

Thank You!! I hope I can resolve it, but, at least it drives great! LOL

I did the maintenance on a 2000 Rodeo for a friend and it did well for 290k miles. In the end it was using a quart of oil every 1000 miles and the friend went way too long between visits. I heard it ticking and the dip stick wouldn’t touch oil. After adding 4 quarts it left and the ticking graduated to knocking and it sank quickly into scrap iron. Isuzu makes a quality product in my opinion.