Wipers, defrost/AC/heater & dash gauges not working

We hooked up an aftermarket stereo, &have had hell with it. First it was getting no power, then we got the power going but no sound. Now, the instrument gauges, front & rear wipers, defrost & heater/AC aren’t working. We’ve checked all the fuses (under dash & hood) ALthough there is another fuse box on passenger side with 2 big fuses & a bunch of wires, and we can’t seem to find out what it’s for?

Did you do that yourselves? Or Have a shop do it? Since this started when the stereo was installed, I’d suggest your installer did not know what they were doing, whomever they are.

Unhook all power to the new stereo. So I’d guess you’ve blown a fuse, or several of them. Maybe even a fusible link. There are 2 fuse boxes, they are labeled, start looking for blown fuses. Check them all. Replace the blown one, check the dash for function. Report back with what you find.

Wild guess here: This is the first time you (or ‘we’) have installed a stereo?

Sounds like you tied into a power spot on the aux side, and killed the power to everything else on that circuit but the stereo. Find that tie in spot and recheck your work- checking if you have voltage at all points of hte connection. This shouldn’t be all that difficult to find.

This OP now has 4 threads about this vehicle. It seems to have too many problems for a DIY repair .

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A stereo system can take quite a bit of power, especially when played loudly. So if the point in the circuit where the power is fed from isn’t capable of that much power, a fuse will blow, or worse. The fuses are where to start in any event. The owner’s manual should show where all the fuses are located. If you aren’t sure how to test fuses, you’ll probably need some local help at this point. And ask for help while there where’s the best point to tap into a power supply for the stereo.

We were going to take it to a shop, but since my husband & I both have installed car stereos before, we figured we’d save $$ & just do it ourselves again.
Like I said in my post, we checked all the fuses (with a meter) under the hood & in the side dash.
We took out the instrument panel & checked the plug. We reset the computer by unplugging the battery & leaving the switch on for a few minutes & then we even hooked it up to a charger to make sure it had plenty of juice.
What exactly is a fusible link for?
As for the stereo & factory amp, is there a fuse or a certain color lead wire? Because we’re pretty sure that’s the reason we’re getting no sound from speakers.
And, the panel I referred to on the passenger side, what is it for? I can’t find any diagrams that match up with it.

Let’s hope you didn’t fry the body control module hooking wires up incorrectly.

Probably for an aftermarket stereo/amp, alarm system or remote start that may or may not still be in vehicle.

Buying used vehicles that have had the wiring modified is almost always asking for problems.

The BCM is not blown. Everything else works fine (headlights, dome lights, the dash security light, radio, etc) and it starts & runs.
I know we have issues going on with this thing, but that doesn’t mean we’re completely stupid.

It is a wire attached to the alternator that acts as a BIG fuse to protect the circuit. It is a fat wire, usually red in color. Having one is common, more than one not so much. It usually takes out all the electrics to the interior if that blows.

It’s not like the old days. The radio can be an integral element in the interior controls. GMs of latter years have optional RSA interface, chimes interface and so on built into the radio. Hacking into the wiring harness is ill-advised. Heck I could do it but would never want to. I buy the interface cables and kits that allow seamless installation. It’s short money compared to aggravation and loss of functionality of hardwired install. You don;t state the year of your Tahoe or if you bought an install kit. Here’s one just as an example, scroll down to look what comes with it- https://www.amazon.com/2007-2014-Double-Stereo-Harness-Install/dp/B01AC7CF2Q

Check the cartridge fuses in the under hood fuse box, there is a 50 amp cartridge fuse that supplies power to the fuse block in the dash.

I just realized this, but I had said that the gages quit working, its actually just a hcouple of them, not all.
Its a 2001, and no we didn’t get an install kit (we were going to though).
But good news is, we just left an audio place & they got the stereo going everything else working.

Good for you, happy listening.