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Fuel Reformulator

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I recently received an email about Ethos FR. It is supposed to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions. Does this stuff really work?

Oh, no! Here we go again! :0(


It’s worthless junk.

It’s a scam.

We’ve explained these things so many times we’re getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

I’m sure that it works!

After all, don’t you usually receive very valuable information in unsolicited spam e-mails?


Seriously, I would suggest that you avoid this scam, just as you should avoid anything being sold in that manner.

Why worry about fuel mileage anyway. Money should be irrelevant due to the fact you have 40 million dollars awaiting you in a Nigerian account after the death of a father/king/queen/oil minister/finance minister who died/was assassinated/or generally came up missing.

That’s just as believeable as Ethos.

Hey, that’s MY money!