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I recently obtained Ethos, it is suppose to improve gas milage up to 50%. Is or was this waste of money?

Well, the manufacturer of this scam product may claim that it is “suppose (sic) to improve gas milage( sic) up to 50%”, but you were very foolish to believe this nonsense. Yes, you did waste your money.

Did you try search?

Debbie, you are supposed to check with us before you open your purse. Now it is too late. Maybe you can donate your bottle to some church raffle. Let it become someone else’s problem.

You’ve been had.

since you already have it, try it!!!

then let every one here know about it.

share experience, rather than questions.

I have used this product. On a 1984 Subaru GL10 I saw a 10%+ mileage improvement as well as lower smog test numbers. On my 2000 Saab 9-5 and 2003 Ranger I did not see any better mileage. Smog numbers have been better on the Saab. The Ranger has not yet come up for a test.


I have been using this product for nearly three years, and it works. I have never heard a claim of 50% - that is patently ridiculous. I have tested multiple vehicles and consistently get an improvement of 5% to 15%. It pays for itself in fuel savings at the very least. Independent testing by a CARB certified lab ALSO says it works. Millions of miles of use in commercial trucking fleets say it works. This product does NOT belong on this page.

I agree with BetrMPG - the company never stated a 50% increase (even hybrids don’t do that!)
I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and aside from improving my MPG by 20% my previous 1993 Ford Probe had zero CO - again, cleaner than a hybrid.
I personally went around town to find all the people who’ve used Ethos and filmed their stories ( and all of them have seen an increase of at least 15%.

So all you haters out there, who haven’t even tried the product but for some reason have something to say - just stop. You’re costing people money and you’re hurting our air. There’s plenty of scam out there, but Ethos isn’t one of them.