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ETHOS gas saver?

I recently receive an e-mail regarding Ethos. It has the seal of approval from EPA. Is this real or another money making scheme?

This is, what, the third or fourth post on this snake oil in just the last week??? These hucksters are obviously getting more aggressive as motorists look for relief from ever-rising gas prices.

Don’t waste your money, JT.

And get a better spam filter.

read and you will see whats up

click all three links when you get there


You post on these boards with some frequency. Is it possible that you have not seen the VERY numerous threads on this same scam?

Even if you have not seen those threads, I think that you should be very skeptical of something that is marketed via e-mail. As to the “Seal of Approval” from the EPA, I would be very doubtful about that claim. Why not ask these hucksters for documentation of that “Seal of Approval”?

A friend e-mailed it to me.

With friends like that…

The best thing to do with an email like that is delete it without even opening it up. It has the same validity as someone from Nigeria wanting to wire 50 million dollars into your bank account.

What the EPA’s position on this garbage is:
There is NO miracle gas saving device or product on the market.
If it sounds too good to be true…
The EPA did test 1 device that delivered something like close to 1% better fuel economy, BUT it also mangled the engine emissions system. In a nutshell, this means the 1% gain is going to disappear very quickly and will be replaced with a 10% mileage drop and system repairs. Not a very cost effective trade-off.

You mean that nice guy from Nigeria isn’t sending me $50 M?

yes he will, but you have to first send him a token 100 dollars into his account first to ‘test’ the banks transfer system.

see what happens when you don’t follow directions!

i wonder what EPA seal ethos actually has? Extra Profits for Arses? or Everyones’ Potentially Adding (to my account)

Hmmm . . . guess my 50 million will be held up now. Rocketman

Not everyday. I probably missed it. I usually look at the day’s issues. I should look at previous day’s postings, maybe go back 3-5 days. But I’m at work & internet use is monitored & limited unless official business. Anyway, thanks for the info.

I could be dead wrong on this but it seems like I vaguely remember reading something a few years back (memory is VERY fuzzy here) in which is was stated that Ethos Fuel Reformulator is really nothing more than acetone that is imported from China in 55 gallon barrels and then possibly diluted? and split up into vastly overpriced tiny bottles.

Don’t hold my feet to the fire on that one because I just can’t remember the details on that for sure.

I guarantee one thing; the EPA (assuming they mean the Enviro. Prot. Agency) did not, nor do they, place a seal of approval on these things.

Equivalent to anyone claiming a Seal of Approval from Consumers Reports. Hey, you guys, YOU’RE all getting MY $50 M! That’s not fair! Will you at least share? ?? No, you don’t care. You got your $50 Mill. Darn! I didn’t get mine. “Where’s my sign”? Hello! Bill Engval–where’s MY sign, huh? Huh?

Do you buy the Stock tips you get in E-Mail or the Viagra. It’s called SPAM E-mail.

Actually, if you send me the $100. I can get 50 billion from the Nigeria guy for you much faster because I use EPA APPROVED Ethos in all my outgoing emails. Hurry, this is a limited one-time offer!