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Has anyone heard of or tried Ethos gas supplement? If so is it just another scam?

Here we go again! Another first-time poster asking about yet another miracle cure for the fuel economy blues.

Looks like snake oil.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator appears to be a form of synthetic oil. The sellers advise it can be used either in the crankcase or the fuel tank. It appears to be benign. That’s about the best thing that can be said about this “miracle product.”

Looks like snake oil, smells like snake oil, feels like snake oil. Guess what it is?

So what if I am a first timer. And what is it to you.

Sorry, no offense. We’ve had a run of “first-timers” who were apparently shilling for dubious/worthless fuel economy products, never to post again. Therefore, a number of us are suspicious when someone’s only post is about the latest scam product.

Again, my apologies, and welcome to the forum.

None Taken. I was just curious about a prduct that appeared to be a scam and was wondering if anyone knew first hand about it. You just can’t tell these days what kind of products that Exxon and the boys might be squelching in order to pad their CEO’s pockets a little more. Anything I can do to divest them of their bonuses, I will.

It’s a scam that has survived, just like hundreds of others, because there is a bottomless well of naive suckers out there just begging to be taken; and once taken, appear to keep coming back for additional fleecings.
The CEO of this outfit does not have a Harvard PhD as claimed, does not hold 15 patents as claimed, and promotes multi-level marketing (a la Amway) so why should his scheme, or any other MLM scheme, be trusted.

I hope your comments about Exxon squelching things is not a serious one and is made in jest. If not,…

Exxon doesn’t have the time or money…it’s too busy funding the anti “Gore” crowd.