Ethos FR


Please watch the video about the Ethos endorsement by Al Unser and let me know what you think:

Is it possible Ethos can raise your mpg in spite of all of the negativity from the bloggers on this site?


Well, if a celebrity endorses it, it must be true! (Not.)


I think you are a true forum spammer.

Go away Charley Brown.


You say you are not a shill, yet all we have seen from you is three messages about this product. That tends to indicate that you are spamming. On the other hand you at least have some information in your personal profile.

In any case I can only say I had the opportunity to talk with one of their “salesmen” While this “salesman” appeared to believe in the product, I can only say that from what they described about their training etc. I can only say that it appears to be a very well organized SCAM.

I have no direct knowledge of the product working or not, but based on what I learned they are trying to deceive their customers.