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Fuel filter with built in Fuel Pressure regulator VW Jetta 2004

I am changing the fuel filter with fuel pressure regulator built into it. The vehicle is a VW Jetta 2004 wagon 2.0l BEV engine. I just took out the old fuel filter and I am confused on which hose goes where on the IN end. I have a hose connection in the center and one at the edge of the filter. Which one is the primary fuel supposed to be attached to? I dont want to blow up my car. The blue line is the return line to the tank I just need to know if it plugs into the center or the edge connector. Someone help me please.

Where did you get the new filter? If you bought it locally take it back and see if they can show it to you on their computer. Without knowing the brand it will be hard to find it and see if the connections are correct. It’s critical to the operation of the filter to get the connections right.