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Clear plastic fuel filter on fuel injection

today i had to replace my fuel line on my 1987 bmw 325 2.5 6cyl from the fuel rail down to the hard line on the frame it was 5/16 rubber hose the old one was cracked and brittle and started leaking ,also i install

a napa gold 3011 plastic inline fuel filter in between fuel line this fuel line is not pressured , so is the fuel filter safe to use in this manner

You are not going to neglect the factory installed filter are you? What do you mean the fuel line is not pressurized?

I think your talking about the return line, and I think this is a mistake. There is no reason to put a filter on the return, since this just lets excess fuel released from the pressure regulator to go back to the tank. This fuel was filtered already by the filter after the pump. Another filter does nothing, and this plastic filter is not rated for fuel injection, that, even on the return line, can exceed the 5-8 psi normally found on carb-ed engines.

Plus, just another source of leaks or failure when you least need it to happen.

I once added a fuel filter to my 1965 Sunbeam Imp. It did not come with a filter. The general fit filter I bought was marked made in the USA. I lasted a few months when the piece of fuel line that came with it burst as I was starting it. It was exciting. I had the fire put out with an old army blanket just as the fire trucks arrived. Let’s say I will not do that again.