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Fuel Pressure problems

I drive a 2004 VW Jetta with 2.0l BEV engine. I just recently replaced the fuel pump and fuelfilter/pressure regulator. The fuel pump is new and installed, the fuel filter and pressure regulator combo is installed. When you put the key in and turn it to start the car you can hear the pump priming and building pressure up in order to start the car. I have to crank engine for over 7 seconds to start the car now. Before I had the stock fuel filter pressure regulator combo where the pressure regulator comes out with a pin. Now I have the single unit from china and there is not enough pressure building up to prime and start the car. Did I get juked by the dealership or is there a booster pump near the injectors that I don’t know about that could be preventing the car from starting right up? I am helpless and I am about to break down and buy the austrian filter from an importer website and see if it is the fuel pressure regulator that is causing the problem.

How do you know you don’t have enough fuel pressure to start the engine? Did you measure the fuel pressure?
Where is the fuel filter / pressure regulator located? Is it on the engine, or is it in the fuel tank?
What is the vin # for the engine? Is it A, or K, or L?

The fuel pressure is good 3.0Bar
Fuel filter/ pressure regulator combo is located under the car passanger rear seat near the tank.
I can not locate the vin on the engine the only thing I have on the timing cover is BEV than a bunch of numbers. I am at work right now and I will be able to check again at lunch.
I used to be able to crank the car once and the car would start. Now it takes about three or four turns to get the car started. Is there a booster pump or a pre filter that could be clogging the fuel from going into the injectors