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Fuel filter change

I cant seem to post pics here but anyway, im trying to change my fuel filter on my 2003 4.2 v6 f150.

The side of the fuel filter facing the cab has a normal joint i recognize, where you take the disconnect tool, lets say thats the male end, and it plugs into the joint and pops the filter off the fuel line. Almost looks like the mouth piece for a trumpet.

Now the other end facing the gas tank has a plastic line and plastic connection. I do not recognize this joint. Do i need the disconnect tool thats circular and just clamps on the line there?

Sorry for the confusion and lack of pictures

The cab side would use these normal ones

The other side is a different kind of joint

Ah! Got the pics to upload of the “unknown” joint

This is the cab side, which im familiar with


I’ll refer to the right side picture

You need to squeeze those two tabs together and push that white plastic piece up

Then you can remove the line

Reverse the process when you’re done

Do the Ford designers do it that way – rather than just using screw-on fittings – b/c it makes it possible to remove and re-install with less clearance?


They do it that way because it’s quicker to install the fuel filter on the assembly line.


The white plastic is a retainer clip that slides and releases the filter nipple.

Thanks guys. Once I remove the white retainer clip, does the fuel line come off by hand or do I use the standard disconnect tool like on the other end of the filter?


Once that clip is loosened, the line will pull off by hand

my taurus has plastic clips on inlet/outlet. easy to change. just did it last week

Just got it done. Easy! I wish all ends were like that. Way easier. Good thing I did it, looks like original owner never did and it came out brown on the gas tank end. Thanks everyone