Fuel additive


I heard a radio ad for a fuel additive called CA-40 and their website makes it sound great for getting better fuel efficiency. (www.CA40g.com) Does anyone know if there is any truth to their claims of better fuel efficiency?


If there were a way to increase fuel mileage with an additive, it would already be in every gallon of gas that comes out of the pump.

Snake oil is still snake oil.


Snake oil, yes!


I looked at teh website…$100 a gallon??? You’re going to use $100 a gallon additive to try to improve the mileage from $3 a gallon gasoline???

Would you like to buy a nice bridge?

Seriously, it’s snake oil.

  • mountainbike


Just one more bunk item in a long list of equally worthless products.


I think someone had a case of the brain farts when they wrote down WD-40. I can see how because the letters on the keyboard are so close together. =3


One more scam to get your money. If it sounds too good to be true …


That “techron” stuff does clean injectors and valves.
Amsoil’s “P.I. Performance Improver” is also good stuff… IMHO


If you use the correct combination of those fuel-saving additives, you will actually produce gasoline rather than using it as you drive. I will send you the information that you need to do this for the paltry sum of $50. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!