CA-40 gasoline additive


I have been hearing a lot about the CA-40 gasoline additive on the radio recently and how it improves gasoline mileage by 10%, at least. Does anyone have any comments about this?


It’s snake-oil. Don’t even think about it any more.


There’s a million gimmicks out there and they all spout the same gibberish along with a posting a number of fake testimonials and testimonials from delusional people.

A Camry now gets 10 mpg better than the EPA estimate (at 40+) and a full size pickup gains 8 mpg? I don’t think so.

Just ask yourself this question. If the solution was this easy then why have the car makers, oil companies, and the gov. not already done this? Unless you subscribe to the conspiracy theory that they’re all in cahoots to cover it up of course.

If I was smart enough to invent something that would do what is claimed there is no way in the world I’m going to advertise it on the net or look for distributors.
That product is going to be verified tested, and hidden. Then, behind closed doors, I’m going to let world governements, car makers, and oil companies start the biddin’ - in the multi billions of dollars for openers.

I will do what you say if you put a gallon of the stuff in with every 10 gallons you add to the tank.  Otherwise it is just snake oil.