Is Fuel Medz an effective additive?

Pure nonsense, but maybe you know that…

Additives should only be used to try to solve a known problem on an old beater, to squeeze a bit of extra life out of it.

Everything else is pure scam. The fluid recommended in your owner’s manual are the only ones you should be putting in your vehicle. Anything else you add at your own risk.

Is Fuel Medz an effective additive

Effective at what? Do you have a problem and think a fuel additive will fix it? Chances are it will give FuelMedz Inc a little profit boost, but I would not have a guess if it might help or harm your car (you do have a car, don’t you?).

If you are having a problem, tell us what make model year and mileage car you have and describe the problem as best you can.

Modern fuels are very good products and have all the additives that nearly any car needs. More additives have the chance of helping or hurting your car, but most of the time they only hurt your bank account.

i’ve never heard of that one.the only stuff that i’d use is Chevron Techron fuel system cleaner.

OK just for fun I took a look at this one:

From their web site:

"The Fuel Medz? pill is a unique patented technology that was developed to provide and maintain a catalytically active surface coating in the combustion chambers of your engine. What this means to you is more miles per gallon by making better use of the fuel delivered; thus improving your fuel economy and reducing ?green house gases?. The Fuel Medz? product has been demonstrated in both laboratory and road studies to increase octane

Well the wild claims made for the stuff make it clear it is a sucker born every minute product, it also suggest using it in gasoline and diesel products. Since what measurements that indicate a higher octane (generally good for gasoline cars) also mean the cetane would be lowered by this produce so it would not be good for diesel engines.

Please forget anything I wrote in my earlier message that might have indicated that this product might actually be good at something.  It clearly is a SCAM

It’s effective at earning money for whoever sells it, but that’s about it. It won’t increase gas mileage, engine power, or anything else.

It’s a scam.