Has anyone heard of this fuel additive? They’re not supposed to work in general, but some people say that this one does…

The main ingredient of CA-40 is oil soluble calcium sulfonate. Like all fuel additives that claim to give better performance, more mpg, reduce emissions, cure ringworm, etc, do not expect it to live up to its claims.

BTW, the name is very unimaginative. The chemical symbol for calcium is Ca, atomic weight 40. Waste your money instead on Ethos fuel reformulator. What a great name! It does the same thing as CA-40 (absolutely nothing) but you might as well reward a clever marketing staff.

Ack! Not another one!

Some people say (fill in the blank) works. That includes every scam in the book including turning lead into gold, all the different brands of fancy spark plugs and CA-40 etc.

There is no miracle additive of any sort that will deliver what is insinuated or promised. The site uses the same tired old chiches as a thousand others; unburned hydrocarbons, promotes better combustion, better “lubricity”, etc.
It’s a crock.

Some of these scams can actually cause damage. Your owner’s manual tells you what fluids to use, and the companies that produce them operate multimillion dollar laboratories to make them as effective, efficient, and safe as they can be. Why risk affecting that?

I’m skeptical, too. And I’m not sure I’d want tiny little calcined lime particles floating all over the place. Just what we need - fertilizer clouds.