Fuel Additives...really work?

Hey group!

This site is great…I think it should be an elective in schools for kids to be able to take a six week course in basic car care…I digress…

Do those name brand (and not name brand) fuel additives really work? You know…increase your fuel consumption…clean your engine…yadda yadda yadda. I have used them once in a while (you know, just pour in with a fresh tank of gas). I don’t know if it’s me or just my imagination that makes me want to think my car is squeezing out a few more miles or actually running better. I like to take good care of my car and being a girl who basically is responsible for my own car upkeep, it can be a maze out there. Thanks guys! I am anxiously waiting to read your remarks!

If you had fuel with the same specification as in 1975, I would say the additives would be beneficial. However, today’s fuels have many of those additives already in them and whatever you pour in the tank won’t affect your engine.

An exception might be a badly neglected engine that might benefit from having a very strong detergent put in the tank to help free up engine components and get rid of deposits.

Otherwise, it’s just “smoke and mirrors”, and the only thing it flushes is your wallet.

That totally makes sense Doc. I keep up with my car-oil changes and what not. Those companies are pretty slick in their ads though and it feels like a treat to my car when I do that. Guess the only thing I am doing is wasting good money.

If its running ok there is no need but if you have idle or hesatation problems it may be worth a try.
Seafoam and lucas are the only ones I have seen that work.

You forgot BG Products 44-K. It works as well as Seafoam, but is more expensive, so it must be better.

Now removing tongue from cheek, but it is a good product for removing deposits from combustion chambers and cleaning injectors.

IF your injectors are dirty, BG 44-K will clean them…To a lessor degree, so will Chevron Techron. The rest of the stuff is mostly bunko…

It is great to get the real scoop here. You see alot of products like STP and the like, really reasonably priced…but figured they were harmless but wondered if they really worked. As kids we had our own acryonym for STP. ha!